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Advertising on Payment Terminals

Payment terminals in India are a novelty, which is why they always attract attention. This could be used to your advantage! When an ad is placed in an unusual place, it becomes several times more effective. Every passerby will take note of it, ensuring 100% contact with the consumer audience. Where else could you find something like this? 

A payment terminal is a hi-tech device. Companies running their ads at payment stations will be associated with exclusivity and excellence. In other words, displaying a company’s logo or products on your terminal will enhance your image and help you stand out from the competition. 

A payment terminal is an incredible know-how for the development of an advertising business. We offer ads for the terminals, which include: 

  • Advertising text on the cash register tape;
  • Labels on the payment terminal frame;
  • Banner advertisement on the payment terminal monitor;
  • Video advertisement on the second monitor.

CyberPay takes social responsibility very seriously, and thus does not advertise alcohol or tobacco products. We support a healthy lifestyle!

Advantages of Advertising on Payments Terminals

Once a payment is made, the person carefully examines the receipt and keeps it for his records. This also means that he will unavoidably read the advertisement. The receipt can be made into a coupon or a lottery ticket.

Labels on the payment terminal remind people to pay for certain services, thus increasing the number of payments. 

Advertisements run while the terminal is on standby, and floating banners are also visible while the terminal is in use. A moving image attracts the customer’s attention, guaranteeing delivery of information about your product to the consumer.

The second monitor at the payment terminal displays images, animation and video advertisements. These will not only be seen by the person making the payment, but also by all passers-by.  Good visibility and high image quality make this type of advertisement that much more effective.

Effective, convenient, lucrative

Advertising on terminals is extremely effective.

Payment terminals can be placed in movie theaters, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, metro, universities, hotels, mobile shops, gyms and hospitals. These establishments are visited by the most active consumers. For this reason, many companies are turning to owners of payment terminals, seeking to place their advertisements.

 Placing advertising at payment stations helps to increase your sales. A remote control system for each individual payment terminal and multilayer statistics for every type of advertising make payment terminals an exceptional advertising tool for your business.

 We invite collaboration with advertising agencies. You can offer our new advertising tool to your clients, and in turn we will reward you with increased commission. By offering your clients gainful advertising conditions, you earnings will increase twofold. It’s a win-win!

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