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About us

Who we are:

CyberPaywas founded in India in 2010. Our team includes IT professionals, specializing in electronic payments, and design engineers, working in the payment terminal development sector. We are a young and ambitious team, working on manufacturing payment terminals and developing software for them.

What we offer:

We offer a full service package in developing and implementing software for the Robox payment terminals, as well as manufacturing the actual terminals. The advantages offered by our payment processing technology are valued by many companies, with the number of users growing at a rapid pace.

Our mission:

We want to make this world a better place, as well as improve security and convenience. Our work facilitates the development of private businesses, which translates to new jobs. Moreover, we endeavor to provide an increasing number of people with the opportunity to pay for various services in a way that’s quick, simple and secure. At CyberPay, were always moving forward!

What makes us convenient:

Using payment stations is a quick, simple and convenient way to pay for various services. Weve partnered up with many cellular and Internet service providers, banks, IP phone operators and commercial television providers. Our subscribers greatly value the reliability, security and profitability of the payment solutions offered by CyberPay.

What makes us secure:

CyberPay terminals are undisputed leaders on the Indian market. The popularity of our products can be attributed to their superior quality and security — a product of state-of-the-art technology and the companys unique know-how.

Where you can see us:

CyberPay payment terminals can be seen in shops, supermarkets, movie theaters and entertainment centers. Their ease of access and user-friendliness makes paying for services faster and more convenient.

Our advantages:

  • We were the first company on the Indian market;
  • We dont use middlemen;
  • We are actively developing affiliate programs;
  • We provide a unique, previously unavailable service;
  • We guarantee transparency and usability;
  • We offer a robust payment processing system;
  • We provide online technical support.

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